About us

I.Co Innovative Company Srl takes care in replying the hidden needs, studying solutions with a high level of creativity and finalizing the research towards the development of products designed to improve the lives of the city and its citizens, territory and environment. I.Co provides innovative and technologically advanced solutions that improve our lives and our planet life according to the open innovation paradigm.

We believe that only working in synergy with university research and private and public companies engaged in research and development, even in crowdsourcing, we will be able to keep up with the challenges of the global market and we trust that in the future it will no longer be possible to do business with aggressive and competitive approach, but only co-operating in an overtly and synergic way.

Our collaborative approach is fully compliant with business ethics: transparency of information, fair dealing in business relationship, social equity, respect of the environment and its territory, essential elements for a real innovative development.


The origins

The challenge of I.Co Innovative Company Srl started in October 2009 following an open innovation project for research and development in the wireless field and integration between heterogeneous technologies.
At that point, the Company consolidated the specific nature of “technological garage” that distinguishes and characterizes in the world of ICT SMEs and succeeded in a short time, to act as “attractor” for research in the ICT sector absorbing skills from university departments and research institutions.

I.Co is characterized as young and dynamic company able to quickly respond to market demands, creating synergies and offering innovative solutions to market areas not yet explored.




Maurizio Maria Taormina

Marco Ulizio


Scientific committee

In May 2010, following the suggestion of University of Bologna researchers, a Scientific Committee is established inside I.Co in order to shed light on innovating trends and future technological scenarios and achieve a strategic framework for research and development of needs-oriented technologies.


Professor Engineer Marco Chiani
Professor at the II Faculty of Engineering of Bologna, Cesena.
President of the Master of Science in Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications.
ICT Director of C.I.R.I. (Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research) Emilia-Romagna.
Research Affiliate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, USA.

Official member

Associate Professor Engineer Davide Dardari
Associate Professor Faculty of Engineering of Bologna, Cesena DEIS.

Official member

Associate Professor Engineer Franco Callegati
Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of Bologna, Cesena DEIS.

Official member

Assistant Professor Engineer Andrea Giorgetti
Researcher at the Faculty of Engineering of Bologna, Cesena DEIS.

Official member

Dr. Geologist Maurizio Zaghini
President of the Order of Geologists E.R.


Ethical code

I.Co is growing up within few years in terms of staff, number of active projects and proposed solutions, characterized by a strong ability to promote innovation according to the model of crowdsourcing, for which the production and development processes of the solutions are carried out in a distributed manner. For his strong focus on collaboration with different subjects, I.Co believes that it is essential to be highly transparent explaining, through an ethical code, their relationships with the stakeholders involved in the value chain creation. This relationship formalization is essential for a correct rights and obligations recognition of the company to shareholders, investors, employees, customers, staff, and, more generally, to all those actors carrying out business relationship of any nature.
I.Co has chosen to develop its own ethical code – still in progress – and share it with all the actors of the value chain, in order to formalize those general principles and conduct rules that the Company recognizes as bearers of positive values, and which are aimed to improve corporate decision-making and to direct the transparent conduct manner of the company. The ethical code is part of the I.Co organization, management and control, pursuant to the decree of 8 June 2001, n. 231, concerning “the administrative liability of legal entities, companies and associations without legal entity, pursuant to Article 11 of the Law of 29 September 2000 n. 300″ and, therefore, part of its management.