Sensible City

sensible city


Less cost and more services

The Sensible City platform transforms the Public Lighting networks
into smart and interactive grids, offering connectivity services,
video surveillance and active security,
reducing the cost of energy of at least 30%


The citizens and the public safety have always been among the priorities of public administration and in a perspective of Smart City and technological progress, the focus on this issue is becoming increasingly important and impactful.
Sensible City identifies a city geared to citizens and their needs, far-sighted and careful to tools investment as well as on the resources, processes, management and land protection.


I.Co proposal – Sensible City – goes further than “smart” label because it has the ambition to put the citizen to the center of the bid project in order to improve their life quality and thereby to meet the real needs of people with added value services.
Sensible City is the result of heterogeneous technologies, innovative and interoperable, able to make the territory capable to deliver services in a practical, interactive and intelligent to citizen measure.
Not only energy efficiency but also environmental risks prevention, buildings dynamic control, CO2 reduction, infomobility services, active safety.




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