I.Co aims to integrate different technologies to meet the needs and the market demands waiting for answers with a collaborative approach to business, according to the underlying rules of the open innovation paradigm.

Territory and Citizens Safety

The management and monitoring of risks arising from natural or man-made disasters ensures security for people and property.
Thanks to latest developments in wireless sensor technologies, now it’s possible to create reliable systems for risk prevention and mitigation.
I.Co has chosen to take up the challenge and develop a cheap and efficient WSN (wireless sensor networks) solution able to remotely carry out wide ranging measurements.

The solution called The Guardian is dedicated to the monitoring of hydrogeological risk, fire risk, chemical and industrial risk; the wireless communication system is able to collect data from several sensors, check them and send warning signals upon the occurrence of hazardous events.

Energy Efficiency

In a city administration it’s increasingly more and more significant the management of available resources. Moreover, Public Lighting facilities are placed in a prominent position, either for their asset value and for the annual costs they entail.

Covered by European patents, Sensible Lighting System is an innovative solution that integrates the most advanced technologies to improve the Public Lighting network and solve its specific issues.
Every electric cabinet and every lighting point located on the territory can be remotely controlled from the management platform through power line communication rather than on wireless carrier, allowing the dynamic management of Public Lighting systems and introducing a considerable saving for Electricity and maintenance costs.

Infomobility Services

The infomobility services help users to access in real-time, from Web or mobile device, to useful information to move with greater agility and safety in the urban areas.

Increasingly oriented toward user-centric perspective, I.Co created Guideonepage which uses not only the community concept but also relies on interactive wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi interfaced to Internet through power line communication on the public lighting network.

Shared Security

Video surveillance and urban security can find an effective support on power line carrier improving the concept of passive video surveillance with the so called Sine Cura proposal, which is able to create points of interaction with citizens using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Hot Spot or video and audio analysis systems.

Smart Metering

The major players in the power sector are carrying out smart grid projects, attracting also the attention of industry.

I.Co has developed two solutions for smart metering: a fully wireless remote reading system (Wi-ME) an integrated PLC/wireless system that uses public lighting networks for data transfer and wireless system for collecting the data from the meter (SMI).

Urban Sustainable Development

I.Co focused the study of an extended certification product/service to the urban environment.

Better Urban Living, involves the use of technologies for remote management and energy saving in public lighting systems, for monitoring of environmental parameters through the use of sensor networks, for controlling the energy consumption inside the buildings, for the realization of integrated systems for the transport infrastructure improvement in terms of security and environmental impact.

ICT for Social

Today, the institutions need to reorganize the information so that institutions can effectively communicate to each other, reducing bureaucracy times and simplifying the relations between citizens and institutions.

In this regard, I.Co is implementing the project Free Living Free Moving which aims to meet the need of removing the bureaucracy of the process of treatment of the chronically ill, offering the possibility to access in the limited traffic areas with a universal pass, where today, outside of the their residence municipality, there is a long and often useless accreditation and authorization procedure.