Better Urban Living



We measure and decrease energy and heat
dispersions in the urban environments

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The citizens are now demanding increased attention in the planning of the environment where they live.

In recent years there is an increase demand for environmentally friendly houses and a trend of the public authorities to realize more sustainable development plans of the city.
Urban sustainability means livability and contrast to the suburbs degradation and it means new attention to the deep needs of citizen and environment.

Now more than ever it’s important to set rules that consider urban development of cities and citizens.
It becomes important to provide a kind of extended certification to the urban environment based on protocols able to define procedures, products, applicable technologies for improving urban quality according to a better environmental sustainability.

I.Co has developed a project that is leading to the creation of a solution called BUL – Better Urban Living.
The BUL solution is based on a set of protocols to identify procedures, products and technologies required to improve the urban quality for a renewed environmental sustainability.
The implementation of the protocol will be used to obtain the certification “Better Urban Living”, divided by levels of quality, depending on the state of progress of the often complex interventions implemented according to the improvement of the urban environment.