Free Living Free Moving

free living


Freedom of movement for all


The new technologies of data coordination can be used in the territory prevention and control, especially where these technologies are leading to new ways of cooperation on the issue of urban security between local police, public administrations and law enforcement agencies.
Today, these formulas can be extended to all services provided to the citizens.

The solutions that leverage on the modern systems of data coordination can be a huge resource to the society benefit and a valid response to the pressing requirements for a closer and attentive public administration to the needs of the citizen, while considering the sensitivity of the processed data.

I.Co has developed a project called Free Living Free Moving, a scalable and adaptable solution to the specific needs of the social services improvement for the citizen, in order to manage the access issues related to the limited traffic area for the disabled and generally to simplify the treatment processes of chronically ill.

Free Living Free Moving is an innovative solution designed to fit the existing access control infrastructure and to integrate the databases of existing personal information in the public service thanks to an integrated ICT solution with low economic impact based on RFId technologies (Radio Frequency Identification) for reading tags with high speed and an orchestration platform of advanced database.

It becomes easy to program services and the so-called coordinators, which are services able to perform procedures and high-level workflow.