Tourist Guide

Services, Information and Social network on your smartphone without connectivity costs


Guideonepage is an extended usage guide of the city, realized to accommodate the mixed needs of tourists and citizens. It is a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi platform connected to the city infrastructure network and it’s available through web, mobile and no cost Bluetooth spot.
Guideonepage is a modular platform based on the iGoogle widget style, designed to be accessed through web and mobile.

The platform works like a social network which can be accessed by tourists in order to check the weather, transport, cultural information, ticketing systems for museums and booking for hotels. Also the citizens can use the platform to avail the dematerialization services provided by the public administration, such as the acceleration of documentary practices online, the health services booking, the demand of access permissions to the ZTL (limited traffic area) for handicapped people.

LThe platform integrated also an ICT solution for proximity marketing: thanks to the interoperable Bluetooth/Wi-Fi network, it’s possible to use the portal either as a promotional tool for local small business and as a fund-raising solution for great player during major events.