Sensible Lighting System

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Covered by European patents, Sensible Lighting System is an innovative solution that integrates the most advanced technologies to improve the Public Lighting network and solve its specific issues.

Every electric cabinet and every lighting point stationed on the territory can be remotely controlled from the management platform through communications on power line rather than on wireless carrier, allowing the dynamic management of Public Lighting systems and introducing a considerable saving for electricity and maintenance costs.
The platform Sensible Lighting System allows to remotely optimize the city lights management, using an enabled Personal Computer in the network with appropriate log in account. In detail the platform allows:

  • to schedule the ON/OFF switching times of the light facilities;
  • to real time modify the functioning of each electric cabinet and lighting point;
  • to know the existence of a fault and its precise cause in real time, activating automatic procedures of signaling and intervention;
  • to set light flow reductions for each lighting point;
  • to make an electronic and automatic archive of all facilities technical information;
  • to count the electricity consumption.

The use of the astronomical clock integrated with the twilight sensor, the smart management of the lighting scheduling and the lighting points power reduction, and the exact identification of lamp fault in real time, allow a minimum annual saving over 35% of the overall costs. Equipping the lighting systems with an integrated platform based on power line carrier, can convert the existing public lighting network in a smart system of voice and data with high speed and very low cost either of infrastructure and communication.



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