Sine Cura

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Video surveillance and urban security can find an effective support on power line carrier evolving the concept of passive video surveillance with the so called proposal Sine Cura, which is able to create points of interaction with citizens using Hot Spot Wi-Fi and Bluetooth or video and audio analysis systems.
Sine Cura evolves the traditional passive surveillance, making it “participated” because it is able to directly interact with the citizen without any cost.

In response to reports of aid sent by the phones of citizens, the system activates cameras that are within visual range and alerts the control station responsible, from which you can verify what happens in real time and define the most suitable action (patrol, firefighters, ambulance, etc.). The system is also equipped with motion detection cameras and intelligent sensors, which independently alert themselves in case of threats, warning the control station nearest you.
The platform includes audio systems analysis for the automatic recognition of sounds like screams, broken glass or gun shots; in addition, the dome cameras are able to follow people who activate the Bluetooth mobile phone.


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Analysis audio/video device and Bluetooth interface