The Guardian

the guardian


Everything is under control!

The Guardian platform provides monitoring, control and warning
of all natural events causes of risks and safety for the people


For the purpose of monitoring for the prevention, prediction and mitigation of risks classified by the Civil Protection it’s possible to involve innovative technologies through the implementation of a WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) monitoring network.

rete di sensori

The monitoring system The Guardian is constituted by a network of wireless sensors made and optimized in order to enable the monitoring of physical parameters (temperature, air/ground humidity, movement, etc.) in between large areas even several acres, where the use of traditional monitoring methods, based on wired controllers and sensors, is not possible for technical and economic reasons.

The Guardian is based on proprietary and patented algorithms that optimize consumption and power management making the network highly reliable and durable.

The Guardian system is developed on three levels:

  • field level: it represents the physical sensor network (wireless nodes and physical sensors) or sub-networks group which realizes the measurement using the physical sensors, carrying out the conversion of the physical parameters measured into digital data and transmitting them inside the network to the upper level;
  • gateway level: it’s the central level for the communication between the field devices and the overlying level of user side information management. Usually the gateway RTX contains a higher computing power (compared to the network nodes) and different communication technologies to the overlying level (GPRS / UMTS, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, etc.);
  • server level: it contains the storage and processing units of the raw data delivered by the network through the gateway RTX and the software for user side data and controls management.


gateway e pannello


Through web access to dedicated servers using advanced software modules, this system permits the computing, the storage and the consultation of data provided by monitoring network, in order to monitor/prevent environmental criticalities in real time.
Thanks to its wireless nodes network, The Guardian system allows to collect continuous data on the environmental risks monitoring, in order to promptly alert Civil Protection, local authorities and other entities by sending e-mail and sms in case of exceeding preset risk thresholds in order to evacuate the area and secure the population.


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The WSN system The Guardian is compatible with most of the sensors on the market and, thanks to the absence of cables, allows to realize a modular removable and repositionable monitoring network; the flexibility represents an advantage for frequently monitor of critical areas not easily accessible.


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