The Guardian – Landslides

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All landslides under control!

The Guardian platform ensures hydrogeological risk
monitoring, control and warning


The monitoring system The Guardian – Landslides has been designed keeping in view specific hydrogeological parameters witch are needed to realize a highly effective tool for landslide monitoring.
Landslides and floods are the most typical hydrogeological events. The Guardian solution intended for hydrogeological risks monitoring can integrate the following sensors:

  • anemometer;
  • rain gauge;
  • thermo hygrometer;
  • barometer;
  • ultrasonic level sensor;
  • electrical piezometer;
  • draw wire sensor;
  • tiltmeter;
  • inclinometer probe.




The Guardian – Landslides installation is recommended not only for continuous monitoring, but also when it’s needed a rapid action to assess the landslides risk in a specific areas.